Why Luxury Encasements Of Preserved Red Roses Are Better Than Big Bouquets

October 30, 2020

When it comes to expressions of love and endearment, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying big bouquets of red roses. What else could encapsulate your passion, right? Wrong! A lesser-known and unique way to spoil that special someone and express your desire for them is through luxury encasements of preserved roses.

These masterpieces are 100% real, natural roses that have been preserved at their peak beauty and freshness once picked. At L’amour Rose, our preservation process involves replacing the moisture within fresh roses with a natural preserving liquid to capture their vibrancy for longer. Then, they are encapsulated within elegant, transparent boxes filled with gems and wrapped in a ribbon for that finishing touch. We can even immortalize a single red rose in a luxurious velvet box!

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at why luxury encasements of preserved red roses express your feelings of love better than big bouquets of regular roses.

Everlasting Love

As their beauty, freshness, and rich crimson are preserved, our roses can last up to one year – and sometimes even longer when following our care instructions! When gifting your lover with cut and already dying roses that wilt within days, the sentiment is slightly awkward; beautiful but temporary. If you treat your partner with immortalized preserved roses, you’re sending a message of passion, desire, love, and romance that withstands the test of time. And no need to spend money replacing them anytime soon.

Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, our preserved roses can last for over one year, meaning that you won’t need to discard or replace them for months. This is hugely beneficial for our planet, as it limits the resources that are otherwise wasted on fresh and continuously replenished red roses. They require vast farmlands and continual harvests, transportation, and packaging, which is a significant burden on our environment!

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike fresh roses, our preserved roses require no maintenance at all. They are already encapsulating within luxurious boxes, removing the need for water, food, and vases. They are also preserved in a moment in time – when they were fresh, healthy, and thriving, so there won’t be any petals to pick up. All you need to do is keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid fading and inside their casings.

Countless Color Choices

Although red roses are the epitome of love and romance, preserved roses allow you to get your creative juices flowing! Whilst standard roses come in different colors too; we can hand-dye your preserved rose arrangements in a plethora of different color palettes to express different feelings or impress your partner with their favorite one.

As you can see, luxury encasements of preserved red roses are the clear winner when compared to short-lived big bouquets of them. If you’d like to spoil your special someone, contact us< at L’amour Rose today! We’re masters of the language of colors and will guide you in picking the perfect bunch.

And when you’re ready for the next step, we create custom arrangements for weddings too (wink, wink)!