Care Instructions

Our preserved roses are the fresh, natural roses that contain a preservation liquid to keep them fresh for up to a year.

The preservation process requires a step called dewatering which means the fresh rose’s moisture is replaced by the preserved liquid. So, preserved roses are kind of like dried flowers. Because of this, our roses should be kept away from moisture as well as humidity as this will cause the rose petals to become transparent.

Your roses should not be placed to close to an air conditioning system as it can cause the roses to lose the preserved liquid which can result in the rose petals to become dry and eventually break off.

The colors in your roses may fade over time, we find that lighter colors fade easier than our deeper colors. Try not to expose your preserved roses to direct sunlight to slow down the process of fading.

It is best to keep your roses in the original box that you received them in. This will ensure that your roses don't lose their beauty.

Try to avoid excessive moving or touching of the roses.

Our preserved roses are 100% real natural roses. This can result in our bud size differing season to season.

Since our roses are all-natural and hand-dyed batches may have a few differences in colors. We can not guarantee that all batches will be 100% the same.
Since our roses are real excessive shaking will causing the petals to drop. We guarantee that we will check each shipment twice to ensure this does not happen, although we can not be 100% sure. In the event that this does happen we will compensate for damaged goods within 2 weeks after the parcel was received.