Need To Spoil Someone From Afar? Buy Red Roses Online

February 19, 2021

The rose is an iconic flower with good reason. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they smell great and even more than this, they are imbued with meaning. You can use the language of flowers to communicate so much, and with graceful choices in colour, number, and type, you can say a lot without saying a word out loud. At L'amour Rose we embrace this and ensure that you can send the message from anywhere! When you buy red roses online, you are choosing the flower of love and surprising someone with a truly deep and symbolic gift.

Why Are Red Roses The Flower Of Love?

Looking at the history of roses, we see a vibrant tapestry of chronicled blooms dating back millions of years from fossils all the way to modern day encased living masterpieces. According to folklore, Venus, the Roman goddess of love, had her favourite amongst the flowers too: the red rose. It became particularly prolific in the MIddle East, when in the south of Rome, large public rose gardens were immensely popular. From medicinal uses to perfume or celebratory events, there is very little that this intricately beautiful flower does not enhance or amplify. At one stage in history, roses were in such high demand in certain parts of the world that rose water became legal tender! 

When it comes to the deeper meaning of the actual hue or variant, roses can depict anything from lust, longing, and desire to devotion, respect and admiration. From “Be My Valentine” to “I love you eternally”, your choice of arrangement will make a meaningful impact when you order online to surprise your special someone.

Choose The Number And Style Of Arrangement To Send Your Beloved

Browse through the various options available and select the option that best displays your affections and intention. Whether you want to send a single mini rose, our signature red roses in an acrylic box, or a grand display in our velvets box, you are sure to find the perfect bouquet of roses to send to your beloved.

L’Amour Rose Celebrates Beauty, Luxury, And Elegance

We are proud to present a product that encompasses all these values. We look forward to being able to assist you when you buy red roses online so that you may spoil that special someone, whether it be a love interest, family member, friend, or even a gift for yourself. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any queries or to make your purchase by contacting us on