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As far back as the 1700’s there is historical evidence of flowers being given as gifts or as representations of words or intent in the form of bouquets, boxes and arrangements, luxuriously preserved or elegantly fresh. Hence the origin of the famous sentence: “The language of flowers”. The romanticism and event impact is still alive and burgeoning today with access to red, blue, black and yellow roses making elegant, boutique online order options for the modern couples or hosts of impactful events. Whether it’s a wedding day, culinary affair or an outstanding, impressive corporate event L’Amour Rose can assist you. Our fresh and preserved, long life flowers guarantee a gorgeous, colourful boutique experience for everyone at your wedding or event!

The depth of our experience brings a superb understanding of a client’s unique needs and superb interpretations into reality in elegant, luxury bouquets, boxes or arrangements delivered efficiently. Are you thinking of modern, contemporary, classic or traditional styling? Our design reputation as innovative, unique event stylists and leaders will ensure you are provided with stunning blue, black, red, pink or yellow roses, the epitome of expensive, elegant flowers for centuries.

Process: We start with carefully listening, nurturing your ideas, we make sure we understand and then we pay the finest attention to detail because the details are where the biggest impact can be felt.  Details are where the little, surprising delights happen and a full floral experience occurs. We then present designs to make you swoon and finally deliver and install the luxury, elegant and delightfully fancy flowers!

Style: We have created modern, contemporary, classic and traditional styles within the parameters of themes of classical opulence, town house chic, and seafront villa casual with vintage, rustic and gilded tones. Your event will be truly magical no matter the season, no matter the reason.

Method: We are a patient, passionate team of floral designers that are serious about exquisite floral designs. We are here to respond to your needs and, equally important, to respond to your budget. We will carefully handle the entire process from the initial conceptualizing of designs to the artistic vision, through to color choices and/or combination as well as fragrance selections. We guarantee an inspirational and unique boutique floral design that will leave guests breathless.

Long-life: Our exquisite long-life roses are treated at their most perfect state then dyed, cut and scented to give your arrangement 12 months of luxurious beauty and scent. Maintenance is superbly low with no watering but just an occasional light dusting. These elegant designs are best kept in a position away from direct wind, sunlight and humidity.

Reach out to us with your vision of roses and we will be delighted to give you a free event consultation.

Our exclusive, elegant rose creations are high-end, artistic arrangements from our grand selection of types and colors of roses available as discerning bouquets of roses, rose arrangements, and preserved, long life roses that will last up to a year.

Whether you’re shopping for a classic bouquet of roses, floral boxes of flowers, expensive, luxurious, elegant arrangements or a simple but everlasting rose you will be delighted by our boutique flower collections.

Contact us today and let us start understanding your needs and floral visions. We are excited to create the exact impact you want for lasting memories. Email to

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