Elevate Your Business Space With A Luxury Bouquet Of Roses

February 16, 2021

Modern businesses know that you need to do more than the basics when it comes to creating a relationship with your clients and that curating a patron experience can deeply strengthen that relationship by enhancing the entire experience. By opting for an elegant and sophisticated display such as a luxury bouquet of roses, you let your clients know that they are important to you. At L'amour Rose we have a passion for creating items of beauty that stand the test of time because we know how lasting an impression can be.  

You can do more than just welcome your guests though, think about the people that enter your space every day: Your staff and regular team members spend a large majority of their time in your business space. Creating a beautiful work environment is beneficial to them and to your company too.

Flowers In The Workspace To Boost Your Team

Research has shown that plants and flowers can affect human beings in a positive manner creating happy hormones and feelings of calm or tranquility. You will be improving the ambience of your workspace and boosting their productivity by ensuring that the space they are working in is beautiful and welcoming. This leads not only to a higher level of staff productivity but to a deeper relationships based on respect and therefore loyalty,

Where To Place Your Luxury Flowers

You can place your luxury bouquet almost anywhere in your workplace to enjoy them and reap the benefits of others enjoying them too. By placing flowers in your welcome area or entrance hall, you capitalize on the first impressions you are making. If you choose to place the flowers in the boardroom, you elevate the energy in the room and create a sense of prestige for all the meetings or presentations that take place there. You could even choose to place the flowers in individual offices or communal work space to give that extra little boost all day long while people are milling about their day or sitting in front of their computers. Every time they look up or smell the subtle yet clearly distinguishable scent in the air, their mood will be lifted, feeling more positive, they will be motivated to keep on with their day.

L’Amour Rose Celebrates Beauty, Luxury, And Elegance

We are proud to present a product that encompasses all these values. We look forward to being able to provide you with a luxury bouquet of roses so that you may spoil that special someone, whether it be a love interest, family member, friend, or even a gift for yourself. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any queries or to make your purchase by contacting us on order@lamourrosesboutique.com