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The Corporate Power of Plants

Decades of studies have measured productivity. Biophilic studies measured the increased productivity for staff with nature views and plant filled spaces. They also studied the emotional impact experienced by people when arriving at events, corporate, retail or hospitality spaces filled with flowers. The results?

Plants and flowers reduce stress, increase a feeling of wellbeing and safety, raise levels of endorphins and increase positive reviews of the brand.

Green Building design legislation knows this. Is your company leveraging this beautiful positive for your bottom line? You can buy into the business science of plants by ordering some corporate roses online now

The Flower Strategy

Designers and Corporate Event Consultants have upped the quota of plants and flowers enormously in their strategies.  Preserved roses for wedding and events are prudent procurement decisions as they are not only luxurious but robust and long lasting.  The color options available will suit many themes and brands.

We recommend starting the floral design at the entrance to start the guests or visitors destressing process immediately whilst increasing the positive of the assessment they will doing.  The design should then flow through the event or corporate space interpreting the theme, brand or function of each zone.

Throughout the visitors or guests’ journey they will be experiencing increased endorphins, increased energy and will be viewing your brand with an increased value.

Incorporating plants has documented results of 25% increased perceived value of the brand, a 15% average increase in productivity consistently, better results in wellness centers and patients leaving hospital beds faster.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health is urging businesses to embrace and boost biophilic design or risk wilting. 

Whether you’re a large corporate looking to soften the ‘conglomerate’ feel or a smaller business showing pride and professionalism with reception flowers, by showing that you have paid attention to detailing with flowers sends a strong message of care and dignity to visitors and guests.

Contact us today to pack some plant power into your productivity and brand value. We are excited to create the exact impact you want for lasting corporate relationships. Email to or buy your corporate roses online.