Why Are There 12 Roses In The Luxury Box

January 25, 2021

When you open a luxury box of roses or send a bouquet, why is it that you expect to see 12? While one is seen as a charming gesture, the next step up is a full dozen. During the Victorian era, giving these flowers was a preferred way of showing affection and attention without saying a word. In these times, outbursts of affection and emotion were not common palace and as such people developed these sentimental gestures to show what could not be put into common words. These flowers began to develop deeper meanings with the color, shade, combination, and amount of them, were enough to visually paint an entire sonnet or poem's worth of emotions. One of these tokens that have stuck around significantly from these times is the number of these elegant flowers that are expected to appear in the bouquet.

Significance Of 12

In these times, the number 12 had many significant representations, most notably was that of completion and oneness. Many cultures throughout the centuries have built their calendars,  systems of mathematical measurement and many other devices, around the number 12 and its multiples. All of these aspects of the number 12 play into the gift of a dozen roses and what they communicate to the recipient.

Bouquets Arrangements 

When sending arrangements it usually stays at 12, if not doubled, or tripled accordingly. As the complete set so to speak, each full bouquet is a sleigh to the recipient ona l occasions. When multiplied, so is the reaction to the sight. This is a great idea to give for a special or milestone anniversary, birthday, or just to show your love. Sending a dozen flowers will still always be one of the most time-tested and meaningful ways to express a heartfelt sentiment or emotion.

Colourful Meanings 

As previously touched on, the poem behind these arrangements was not only dealt by the number, but also by the colour and arrangement of colours. It was it in these subtleties that the details could be understood, with different shade meaning different intentions and emotions to coincide. Red for example is the classic and always conveys true love, passion, and adoration. White, on the other hand, expresses purity and innocence. Pink can mean grace, elegance, and romance. Each colour shows your intention and emotion. 

When you need to make an impact, stick to the guidelines. With 12 roses in a luxury box you can be sure to create a treasured moment with a special person. Whether for an occasion or simply to show love, there is never a wrong time to give someone these stunning floral arrangements Contact L’Amour today to get the best selection delivered to you.