The Ethereal, Calming Power Of Luxurious Blue Roses

December 30, 2020

Blue is rarely present in nature and, for humanity, is a very contemporary color.  So much so that it was the last primary color for which people made pigments, 14,000 years after yellow and red! Lapis was that blue, an Afghani semi precious stone, which was adored by Egyptians for its bright blue hue. Scholars that they were, they produced chemical combinations with lapis to make other tones and shades of blue. Blue is now used in elegant, preserved roses [insert product page hyperlink] for weddings, events and luxury occasions.

A Blue History

These magnificent, alluring dyes were traded by the Egyptians ‘worldwide’ via the Persians, Mesoamericans and Romans. Due to the rareness of lapis the dyes were expensive and purchased by the high class nobles and royalty.  This meant blue was rare and revered for centuries.  Luckily you can not only have blue with ease today but you can buy Blue Roses Online [insert product page hyperlink] in gorgeous, luxurious arrangements that are long life!

Egyptians also connected blue to Amun, the King of Gods, who would turn blue to fly invisibly across the sky. The Hindu god Vishnu is blue to represent his immeasurable, infinite force. 12th century Roman Catholic Church leaders required the Virgin Mary be painted with the most expensive pigment available at the time i.e. ultramarine. The reasons given are: to show her purity, to show she is like an Empress (as blue was used by Royalty in the Byzantine era) or because it was expensive.

Blue is also embodied in protective talismans which are intended to ward off evil and attract good luck in Turkey, Greece, Pakistan, and Iran.

Popular Blues

Some of the most popular blues today are: 

Cerulean is a lesser used ‘blue’ word. Wikipedia describes it as ranging between azure and a darker sky blue, from Latin caeruleus, "dark blue, blue, or blue-green" which is from caelum, meaning "heaven, sky". Heavenly is the perfect adjective for it!

Indigo is a very well known deep rich blue, named the actual dye created in ancient times.

Periwinkle is a name after the gorgeous flower that it was ‘discovered on’. A gorgeous, very light purplish-blue that is extremely versatile.

A bouquet or arrangement of heavenly blue roses ordered online will deepen the luxury quotient of any recipient’s interior or event.

Blue Nuances 

Most colors conjure up memories of flowers, fruit, favorite cars and childhood homes.  Blue tends to have expansive connotations of sky, oceans, beaches, rivers, dreamy fuzziness and the view of the earth from space!

It crosses cultural boundaries, seen globally as peace, tranquillity, soothing and nurturing comfort. Beach cottages, airline interiors, the United Nations and health care facilities choose it for its ability to represent this, reduce anxiety and bring about restful thought!

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