Reviving Yellow – Emperors To Polynesian Gods!

December 27, 2020

Have you noticed how many flowers ‘choose’ yellow as their alluring color for their hardworking pollinators? Nature sees yellow as a powerful color.

For us it inspires delight in a daffodil, promising us spring. It epitomizes our vital sunshine and hints of the warmth and vision from a flickering candle – all nurturing, joyful, life-giving forces.

It is the most visible of all spectral colors and is the first one the brain notices. It attracts the eye, making it a perfect color in preserved luxury roses for events, weddings or gifts when you next order yellow roses online.

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Humans And Yellow

Kate Smith, ICS, CMG, is an international color expert and color consultant, explains that yellow is invigorating for humans. “Physiologically it stimulates our nerves, our glands, and our brain. It, therefore, makes us more alert and energized. Yellow boosts our memory and encourages communication,” says Smith. It’s a color that promotes activity, interaction, sociability and mental stamina.  No wonder it has 1000’s of years of high ranking history! 

History And Yellow

Yellow was first used as a yellow ochre pigment. It is recorded thousands of years back as the first color in human artwork. In France, there is a 17,000-year-old painting of a yellow horse in the Lascaux cave.

In a more lavish setting, the first emperor of China, of the extremely powerful and innovative Song Dynasty, was called the Yellow Emperor with his palaces along the Yellow River, the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization. The following Jin Dynasty declared only the emperor was allowed to wear bright yellow and they honored VIP visitors with a yellow carpet.

Since 1357 yellow has signified bravery, wealth and aristocracy in Japan. The Emperor’s soldiers wore yellow flowers as a pledge themselves and their courage to the royal family.

In a more sacred application, Polynesians see yellow as a divine essence. The word yellow is the color and names the food of the gods (Curcuma longa plant).

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The gentle Thai culture adores yellow as it is their lucky color for the auspicious royal day of Monday. The late King Bhumibol was born on Monday, December 5th, 1927, and many citizens wear yellow on a Monday.

Switching to our Western ‘side’ of the globe we find Christian traditions see yellow and gold as the same value and representing strong faith and the splendor of the divine with gold or yellow halos crowning adorning holy beings.

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