Luxury Gifting: What Does It Mean To Give A White Rose?

January 29, 2021

White roses are a luxury item that is a well received gift or show of gratitude at certain events. Whether solemn or celebratory, an option in this colour is significant in many ways. As with many flowers they hold specific meaning and intention behind them. This pale version of the beloved flower often has deep and familiar ties to our occasions. Read on to find out when best to give one of these beautiful items. 

What Does It Show?

In this colour these types of flowers in particular tend to symbolise innocence, charm and purity. It’s for this reason that in many weddings these flowers are the stars of the ceremony as it symbolised the joining of pure hearts and a pure life promise. Also, they represent the loyalty that exists between the bride and groom, together with the pure, sincere, happy and eternal love between the couple. This is also a well wished flower as it shows the clean, pure identity as a bright addition to any space. This is why these flowers are often given to the sick as a reminder of those who care for them. Also, white roses are the most important flowers for floral art as they hold contrast unlike any other option, well together with chrysanthemums and carnations that is. 

At Weddings

The definitive flowers for any wedding ceremony because of their meaning, these are often used both in the ornamental decoration and in the bridal bouquet, not to mention throughout the table settings and decor arrangements. They represent the pure union between the bride and groom and the eternal loyalty between them. This range available is an ideal selection to create a bridal bouquet from, making use of these contrasting tones. As these are preserves you will also be able to keep these items and decor set pieces long after the day has passed. 

For Funerals

Due to the meaning of these floral selections, they are a great choice for funerals as they bring with them the intention of hope, purity and the promise of heaven. You can give a bouquet or a single flower to show sincerity and gratitude for life. The purity once again is the received intention here, the love of joy and life. Also, it’s said that these flowers in a funeral represent both a new beginning and condolences for the family.

When you need the right white rose for the occasions, be sure to select from the luxury range available to you at L’Amour Rose. We can ensure you get high quality items that will bring true intention to all your gifts. Contact us now or visit us online to see the full range.