Looking To Order A Bouquet Of Flowers Online? Don’t! Here’s What You Should Order Instead

October 19, 2020

Whether for Valentine’s Day, a spontaneous gift for a special someone, a symbol of sympathy for the passing of a loved one, or a much-needed treat for yourself, ordering a bouquet of flowers online is especially tempting.

And don’t get me wrong, they’re a stunning way to show someone you care and brighten up a space. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses (I had to). Let’s take a closer look!


As beautiful as that bouquet of blooms looks on the website, their beauty is short-lived. Even with thorough maintenance and TLC, they will only last about one week. And where lovers are concerned, gifting them a bouquet of cut—and essentially already dying—flowers isn’t the best symbolism for a budding relationship.


Bouquets of flowers are known for being a particularly expensive gift to order online. And if you’re ordering them on a publicly celebrated day, like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, you should expect their prices to soar drastically. Considering they start to deteriorate within days, their costs are not always worth it.

False Advertising

Unfortunately, what you see online is not always what you get. Bouquets of flowers always look fabulous online and are guaranteed to ‘arrive alive.’ However, they tend to arrive already wilting and damaged from the delivery truck and fleshed out with green, leafy fillers that weren’t shown in their picture. Sometimes, even their accent flowers are not those depicted online!

Order Preserved Roses Online Instead!

I’ve loved flowers (especially roses) since I was a little girl and have ordered many a bouquet before that left me disappointed and out of pocket. In general, cut flowers don’t arrive healthy and fresh, as the process of picking, sorting, storing, packaging, and transporting them leaves little time for you to enjoy them in all their glory. I decided that something had to be done – something new and exciting!

I have a passion for the beauty, elegance, and luxurious look of roses, as well as the different symbolism each color holds. There’s a rose for every occasion and sentiment; deep crimson for passion, white for purity, black for losing a loved one, and so on. I discovered an innovative way to capture their essence stylishly by preserving them.

At L’amour Rose, we cut roses at their peak beauty and preserve them using 100% natural preservation liquids. Not only is their vibrancy maintained, but their soft, velvety feel too! As they are preserved in time, there’s no need for water or maintenance. We style them within elegant transparent cases and velvet boxes. These unique feature pieces can last for over a year, making them the perfect way to express your feelings and brighten up a special someone’s year.

Forget expensive, temporary bouquets of flowers and order luxurious, artistically arranged preserved roses online from us at L’amour Rose instead! They make gorgeous gifts and can be customized to create stunning feature pieces for celebrations and corporate gatherings.

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