Choosing The Right Events For The Luxury Rose

January 18, 2021

The luxury rose takes the timeless signifier of love, appreciation and romance, creates a verstilite way to gift and stitch together elegant decor at your events. These lovely flowers are the perfect way to tie in a myriad of colours as well as tones, allowing a personal touch to each space or gifting box. With such a multitude of ways to use this stunning piece, how do you choose which events best suit these elegant items. Take a look at what the professionals have to say. 


When you are taking that big step with the person you love, everything needs to be perfect. From the timing, to the light, the placement of the camera and the look of the flowers next to the candles, there are so many things to get right. When you incorporate these stunning preserved flowers you can be sure that your arrangements will not wilt or dwindle over time, giving you one less thing to worry about as you wait to take the plunge, so to speak.


Weddings are the perfect time for these flowers to be on full display. As an opulent and timeless part of this special day they will last a long time to not only be enjoyed on the day but also to be taken home as parting gifts. A beautiful way to add to the celebration of two beautiful souls, having something that stands the test of times is a truly stunning reflection on the theme of the day at hand. Whether in the ceremony itself or scattered around the reception on tables or within arrangements, having flowers that won't wilt and can be delivered in a stunning range of colours. This allows you to support your style and reinvigorate your decor with vibrant flower options. 

Baby Showers & Gender Reveals 

When planning a baby shower or gender reveal it is always to remember that most prefer to take a delicate approach to these occasions. When you incorporate flowers like these you can bring an elegant touch to the day that not only gives a soft, vibrant tone to the decor but also gives every guests a long lasting keepsake to take home with them to remember they say fondly.

For your next luxury event be sure to get these  memorable decor and gifting items, contact L’Amour Rose today to get your flower collections brought to you in vibrant colors and stunning box designs. Contact us today or shop online to see the full range.