Choosing The Perfect Luxury Rose Arrangement To Express Your Feelings

October 26, 2020

Roses are incredible blooms bursting with the potential to express a range of feelings. Each of their vibrant colors holds different symbolisms; a deep red for passion, pastel pink for appreciation, and so on. If you’re new to their symbolism, choosing a luxury rose arrangements for someone special can be challenging.

As masters of the language of roses, the florists at L’amour Rose are here to help! In this article, we’ll delve into choosing the perfect arrangement for your feelings. Firstly, preserved luxury rose arrangements are a must.

Preserved Luxury Rose Arrangements

These natural, fresh flowers are immortalized at their peak beauty the moment they’re picked using natural preservation liquids. This means that your message and feelings will be everlasting, filling your loved one with joy and memories of you for months on end (and not a few days).

At L’amour Rose, we can also hand-dye our roses and can customize their colors according to your preference (we’ll get to this now). Once preserved and dyed, if needed, these natural blooms are encased in elegant, transparent boxes filled with jewels to exude luxury. We also capture single blooms in velvet boxes as sentimental keepsakes.

Now the question comes in, which colors should you choose?

Mother’s Day

On a day dedicated to celebrating the women who brought us into the world, you should choose a luxury preserved rose arrangement that embodies your appreciation and love for your mother. Standard pink roses symbolize femininity and sweetness, making them a lovely gift. We could also hand-dye yours to create a darker hue, conveying your appreciation, recognition, and gratitude.

Valentine’s Day

On this day, you should choose a luxury preserved rose arrangement that expresses the everlasting passion you feel towards your lover. There’s no disputing the fact that rich crimson roses are the greatest symbol for true love, passion, romance, and a deep desire.


Valentine’s Day didn’t go so well? It happens. Luckily, you can fix things with the right rose arrangement. Depending on the issue, you may want to step things up a notch and treat them to a luxury box of multiple preserved roses filled with sparkling gems. The color choice is not as simple, though. 

As mentioned, red roses symbolize love and are a great way to uplift a lover’s somber mood. White roses convey sincerity, purity, and reverence. When combined, however, they signify unity. A combination of both is probably your best bet.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect luxury rose arrangement to express your feelings, it’s time to order the most enchanting, vibrant ones possible – that’s where L’amour Rose comes in. As masters of the art of communicating through color, we can guide you in picking the perfect preserved luxury rose arrangement for your needs. Whether you’d like to get creative with customized arrangements or keep it simple and sweet, we’ve got the roses you need!

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