3 Awesome Ways To Bring Luxury Roses Into Your Wedding

November 17, 2020

Bringing luxury into your wedding should be commonplace, and roses can be the addition you need. While these flowers have long since been the emblem of romantic gestures, there is a new way to use them to create jaw-dropping elements. With preserved, colorful arrangements you can make long-lasting aesthetics that will stay bright the entire event - and longer. Whether decoration or gift inspiration, carry on below to see how you can use these timeless flower options.

1.Colours For Days

One thing that sets these apart from most is the number of colors you can choose from. With so much variety there are endless ways to use these delicate elements. Whether designing a table placement or walkway decorations, each area can use set tones and every element can play into the feeling of the place it's in. From vibrant options for photo backdrops or elegantly simple options for tables, there are many ways to use these wonderful little flowers on your special day. 

2.Creative placement

Speaking of photo backdrops, the way you can use these gorgeous little additions lets you add flavor to any part of the events. Whether creating a design or nameplate, topping tables with elegant arrangements, or using the petals to add splashes of color along the way, the creative placement you choose can make every scene a memorable one and add some whimsy to this life changing day. A favorite way to use these classic flowers is within a walkway out of the ceremony and once again into the reception. With a subtle touch of design, it can make for a truly stunning entrance. 

3.Gifted Memories 

One of the most amazing benefits of preserved flowers are their ability to stay pristine for years if cared for correctly. This makes them ideal and absolutely special gifts for guests. As a single colorful rose set in a beautiful gift box, this is a lasting memory that your loved ones can take home with them. Elegant and simple, yet touching and meaningful, this can be a beautiful sendoff for the guests on your happy day. 

Whether taking on a simple approach or sprucing it up with an extravaganza, the right roses are here for you. With a romantic element that can be celebrated in so many ways, it is the perfect addition to any wedding day moment. Fill your day with luxury the way you deserve and enjoy starting your new life with the partner of your dreams. Visit L’Amour Rose online today to place your order for luxury rose for wedding